Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I am truly Blessed!

I am thankful for: (the short list)

My parents, although life's circumstances have not brought us the health and happiness we see in our picture of the future, I am blessed with parents who love and and whom I love. I still learn from my Mom and Daddy everyday - may I be as loving with my children as my parents always are with me.

My husband, who will get up at 5 a.m to take the doggy out (for the third time that night) just so I can sleep - may I always be as thoughtful and considerate of him.

My children, who are more precious to me than words can express - God please make me worthy of Your gift.

My Brother, who is the most loving person I've ever known - may I return that love to him in a special and meaningful way.

My Doggies (& the fishy too), they are often naughty and they wet on the floor sometimes, but they are warm and always there to love on when needed most - May I be there for them when they need me ( especially during thunderstorms).

My house, it's warm and dry and messy and in need of repairs, but it's safe and it's mine - may I always make our house a home.

My Life, It is busy and full of joy, pain, laughter, tears, excitement, calm, accomplishments, failures, expectation, disappointment, learning, lessons, fear, and boldness! I thank God that my life is not how I pictured it so many years ago - as always - HIS picture is better than my best dream and I am Truly BLESSED!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all - Love to you!


Lolly said...

Wonderful list! It is so gret to reflect in this way!

I wish you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving!

FaeryCrafty said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

stephanie said...

Beautifully said.

Sorry I missed you at the shop this weekend. Hope to see you Thursday.