Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Frog Pond

This weekend I swam in the frog pond. I frogged a sock, a child's sweater, the front of two more children's sweaters, a pink idea that turned out to be a monstrousity, and the beginnings of a felted purse for a class that never happened. SIGH!

Now I feel so much better - I have yarn and ideas instead of failures and mishaps mocking me (thanks Steph) from the frog pond. There is such weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I can accomplish things again - it's very exciting.

I also finished five more Christmas gifts this weekend (don't ask how many I have left to make).

I bought Red Heart for a crocheted afghan (another giftlift item) and will begin work on that tomorrow night during CSI, etc... Hey I know - "Red Heart??? Don't you work at the best yarn shop in town?" Yes, but it's cheap and it lasts forever and that's the kind of yarn I need for these giftees so...

I've got many more items on my gift list so... On with the knitting!

I'll keep you posted!


stephanie said...

Red Heart has its place.

Glad you feel better without all those UFOs waiting to abduct you.

itgirl said...

I haven't been to your store, I'll head there someday...

I work part-time in DC, so I'm actually in DC tonight knitting.

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