Friday, November 18, 2005


Oh wait - not you! I mean my kids. Boy have they been at it for the last two days. It must be something in the weather change or maybe the water or maybe I'm just edgy, but phew it's been wild around here. All of this as I try to gear up for Thanksgiving and my mom's birthday and the church events, etc.

On the knitting front:
I'm well entrenched in Anna's sweater and let me just say that I am seriously tired of seed stitch right now. Even I, the "I hate to purl!" girl am longing for the blissful areas of yellow stocking stitch. At knit night last night Stephanie reminded me that we talked about it originally and decided that it would be just as precious in all stst - needless to say the part of my brain responsible for storing that tidbit is presently awaiting it's punishment.

I've designed several projects for the yarn rescued from the frog pond earlier this week and my list grows thus longer - at least I don't have to buy the yarn for these.

As mentioned in earlier posts we're moving some rooms around including the craft room and I've been sorting yarn, etc. I have a BUNCH of yarn. Who doesn't right? But really folks - I have way more than I ever remember buying and I don't forget those sorts of things. Most of what I had forgotten was ebay purchases - maybe something about not actually feeling the yarn AS I bought it...?? Who knows - the fact remains that I've got some serious knitting to do before I go buying any more (yeah we'll see how long that lasts).

I'm reading Vintage Socks right now and it's really cutting into my Christmas knitting deadline so I'd better have Casey take it away for a while so I'm not tempted to drop everything and knit the Gentleman's socks for my brother.

Hey be sure and keep Stacie on your mind and in your prayers as she had a big day today!

I'll keep you posted!

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FaeryCrafty said...

Thanks Amy!!! I got the job!!!! Hugs!