Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shame on Me....

I'm a bad blogger lately - sorry! I've been knitting, but I never seem to finish anything so I've been feeling rather dispondant about blogging. I'm STILL working on Toby's sock #2 (had to rip a bunch out and restart from heel turn) and until I find more yarn My brother's socks are stalled.

I have been cleaning things out lately though. We're moving the craftroom to the playroom and setting the kids up in individual bedrooms. Translation: LOTS of work! I've got more yarn than I care to discuss (esp with my honey) and I'd better start making it into finished projects ASAP or I'll have to stop shopping - and who wants to do that.

Anna's sweater
is coming along nicely. The back is almost finished and once I get back in the groove it will work up quickly (if I can endure all the seed stitch along the top). I've got a bunch of things that need to be frogged and reworked and it's bogging me down. I've also got some seaming to do that's lurking in the wings. I know I should just buckle down and do it all one step at a time, but instead I just keep crocheting washcloths for the children and for Christmas gifts.

I think if I can get things in better order here (everything is topsy turvy with the remodel) then I can crank out several Christmas gifts in a hurry and not feel so overwhelmed.

On other notes Casey LOVES his job at The Weather Channel and he is so happy - which makes me happy too!

I'm going to post a list of Christmas gifts that I need to make and then cross them off as I complete them. Hopefully being accountable to you guys will help motivate me and I won't experience the Christmas Crunch we all know so well.

Anyway - thanks for forgiving my slack blogging ways!

I'll keep you posted!

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stephanie said...

You mean, I now KNOW someone at TWC. cool beans. will explain later. Glad to see you posting again. And that you're finally doing that kit!