Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Latest Meme

I succomb...

Favorite Yarn:
That's tough - especially working in a yarn shop - I seem to have a new favorite everyday. On the list are definitely Zara Plus (the entire Zara line), Tartelette, New Tweed, Cotton Classic, and Sockotta (oh who am I kidding - ANY good sock yarn)

Favorite Needles:
Addi Turbos - no question! (I like cheapy metal needles too - Bamboo is too slow) although my Handturned Rosewood crochet hook - giant afghan sized - is lovely too.

Worst Project Ever Knit:
I'm note sure - I can think of a bunch of things, but I have ripped most of them out and started over - Oh wait! The purple Bagsmith kit from He** That stuff is so hard to knit and it's in what I fear to be eternal time out - even if I rip it out the materials will NOT be reused for knitting.

Favorite Pattern:
I like plain old socks patterns - any of them - I think that the magic formula of sock knitting is incredible and always fun. It's predictable, rythmic, and always just right.

Most Valuable Knitting Technique:
More of a philosophy - Boldness. Working at the shop we get many timid customers with problem projects and I have learned that the boldness to yank the needles out and rip back with abandon is rare.

Best Book or Magazine:
Traitor I may be, but my very favorite book is The Crochet Stitch Bible (cat out of bag - I crochet too!)
Interweave and FCEK are always fun

Favorite KAL:
I've only done Soctoberfest so far and it was fun. Warm Hands is shaping up nicely too.

Favorite Blogs:
Sandy, Stephanie, Stacie, Lolly, and more

Favorite Designer:
I like Debbie Bliss & Debbie Ware for the Kids and I Love Joan McGowan-Michael - so very femenine

Knit Item I wear the most:
I've always given everything away - I have some yarn in the stash for a Chris Bylsma sweater for myself though

That was fun!

Thanks for Listening!

I'll keep you posted!

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Lolly said...

I am interested in trying Zara. It is a pretty yarn. Great to learn more about you through this little meme ;)