Friday, December 02, 2005


It seems lately that I knit and I knit and I never finish anything. I don't quite understand it. Has anyone else experienced what I am now calling "The Event Horizon of Knitting?"

It's as though the closer I get to the end of a project the longer it takes to actually get there - time (knitting time that is) moves exponentially slower for an, as yet, undetermined reason. I haven't even cast on new things that are getting in the way or anything. It's really weird!

Anna's sweater (which should have been finished ages ago) will get shoulder seams and at least one sleeve picked up tonight. I hope I can knock it out by the end of the weekend (shouldn't be a problem since the seed stitch insanity is finished).

I DID rescue my brother's sock from time out and carefully unknitted several rows thereby removing the pre-mature toe decreases and it's moving along as well.

I am finishing up a previously pushed aside pair of fingerless mitts and those should be finished this week as well. I can't wait to have some of these things off the needles not only because I will be that much closer to finished Christmas Knitting, but also because I can start knitting mittens and hats for my babies who want warm wooly things that "Mommy made." Sometimes all the craziness makes sense - if only for a fleeting moment before they start bonking each other on the head because on one person can play the drum at a time (whose birdbrained idea was it to buy children a drum anyway...).

I'll keep you posted!

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stephanie said...

If it wasn't you, then it was someone w/o children. You can seek revenge when they have their own children.

I keep reminding my sister that I never gave her kids noisy toys.