Thursday, January 31, 2008


Thursday is trash pick up day at our house ('cause I knew you were dying to find out). I was thinking this morning and considering all the trash our household of 4 people and 5 pets generates. And here's my secret (shhhhh): I'm a closet environmentalist - ack!

Yes it's true. I could be a total "green freak" if I allowed myself (because I am obsessive) - no because I care. But I am NOT a total "green freak." Good for you (and all of us) if YOU are & thanks - truly. Maintaining my sanity (shut-up!) and marital bliss (I'd make him even crazier than I already do) requires a different approach to "green" in my life.

I carry my box in and out of Harry's (and other places too) and I buy organic as much as possible, heck we're even buying a Prius in a month or so (gosh how average is that?). I have been evaluating my reasons for all of this during the social climate of "green" being trendy and "in."

Well as you know I care NOTHING for being "in" or trendy so I asked myself "Self? Why or even ARE these things important to you?" I'll stop recounting the quoted conversation I had in my head - you can relax I'll just get to the point (in a minute or two).

Being "green" for me is almost a selfish choice (maybe it always is?) in that I carry boxes into Harry's because it's easier and I don't have to figure out where to store or toss all those plastic baggies. I buy organic because it tastes better and if I can cut out at least some of the chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones pumped into myself and my children - WooHoo I'm doing it. We're buying a Prius because it's cheaper on gas with Casey in Atlanta rush hour daily and let's face it (for gadget and techno freeks like us) it's really cool! I take a short shower (usually) so that I can have some quiet time to myself before the kids wake up. I turn out lights because they give me migraines (and I hear my father's voice in my head when they are left on, but I think that's another post).

I don't compost (though it might be fun), or garden, or reclaim rainwater (like it rained here this year?!?), or ride my bicycle to make my ginormous T.V. work (though my a** would be smaller if I did b/c I LOVE T.V.), or use biofuels (don't even get me started on why ethanol is EVIL), heck, I don't even recycle on a consistent basis (SHAME). I AM more aware and more cautious about what we put in our bodies and in our homes. I "go green" where it is reasonable for us at this point and always strive for more (without being my completely obsessive self) incrementally. I admire those who do more and those who go all-out; I understand those who don't and those who don't care. I'm somewhere in the middle - do what I can where I can as I can - and it's enough.

I do have a goal of reducing the amount of garbage we generate (again selfish, as we just plain have too much stuff) which means I have to remember GIGO, but I can work on that and I'm sure my garbage collector (they don't pay those guys enough) will be appreciative.

When I doubt myself I just remember the immortal words of great thinker Kermit the frog "It's not easy being green."

I'll keep you posted!



Wende said...

I suspect those smaller choices add up.

I'm waiting for my Baggu bags to arrive and I've opted to get rid of plastic this year.

Jen (sewandsox) said...

That bag is awesome! I only wish I had the guts to use it in my grocery store!

Grumpy said...

That's wild, must be something going around because I had a sudden realization the other day of the same needs/thoughts/ideas. I'm about to make some produce bags for grocery shopping and trying to find ways that will work to cut down on our plastics use. I bought a compost bin (yes my dh thinks I've lost it! LOL!) because insanity has driven me to try and grow something out back in our non-existent yard with those non-existent green thumbs I have! I'd love to get a Prius, but I doubt my dh would go for it without lots of convincing from your dh (they work together! LOL!) You're right some of the reasons are selfish... good luck with your changes....