Friday, February 01, 2008

You are Evil and You Must Be Destroyed!

WARNING: The following information is not for the faint of heart and MAY cause dependency and/or late-night cravings.

Three Little Words

Pecan Pie Cookies

Let me tell you first hand that these are a problem. Harry's (Whole Foods) makes all kinds of sweets and baked goods and for the most part I do ok to just get our ciabatta bread and perhaps a baguette and some muffins for the kids - then I move on (past the cheese counter which is my REAL weakness, but...). Then, there was Andrea - damnit - who in the past heralded the praises and joys of said Pecan Pie Cookies. Then there was a call from my father who has brochitis "can you please bring me... various list of get better things..."

So there I was, at Harry's, IN front of the cookie and muffin case. I had already passed the fancy chocolates corner and only picked up a milk-chocolate with almonds for my sick father - good me! I think (probably out loud at this point after being in the grocery store with two children for the better part of an hour) "Oooh! Pecan Pie Cookies! I should get some of those for Daddy - he'll love them; after all, he IS sick." Right so of course I get him two and pick up two for myself while I'm at it.

Of course I "try them out" in the car. Granted I was hungry, but there is NO picture because the cookies didn't even make it CLOSE to home. In fact I considered turning around and going back for more, but then I thought better of it (read - I was on a deadline to get lunch to my dad and couldn't swing it). Damn those cookies are good. Pecan Pie Cookies are like make you leave the house at 10 p.m. (if Harry's were open @ 10p.m.) kind of good - like Hot Krispy Kreme - ooh Krispy Kreme. I'd better go make dinner now - I seem to be hungry.

BTW - Daddy LOVED his two cookies too and he's feeling much better - must have been the cookies right?

I'll keep you posted!



Turtle Knits said...

See, I knew their was a reason you tolerate me, I continually introduce you to "culture". Course I want some cookies now, I'll have to make a Harry's run in the morning. I'd go tonight but the bra's come off already.

anunmaker said...

sounds like the root of all evil is now pecan pie cookies...