Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Anna Sews

We bought Anna a new sewing machine; a Janome Jem Gold 2. It is perfect and easy to use and lovely; a little (and big) girl's dream machine.

Anna wants to sew all day everyday - like this:
Anna Sews

and this (finishing by hand):
Sew By Hand

She makes things for herself, her brother, just because, but mostly for - the cats - like all of these:
Kitten Blanket

Kitten Pillows

The quilt blocks were in the scrap bin, a long-ago abandoned project and Anna made them into pillows herself.

Apart from keeping her safe with the machine, I don't help Anna at all (like she'd let me)and she just goes to town with her imagination and her new machine.

I'll Keep You Posted!



Hege said...

Your Anna has talent!!

I remember that I use to try my mums sewing machine when I was little, but we never became friends...

anunmaker said...

She is AWESOME!!!

Susan Larissa said...

Wow... you are such a lucky Mama!!! Are you giving sewing lessons? email me...

Dee said...

Wow - that sight must warm your heart as a mama!