Monday, December 31, 2007

What will $2.25 and 15 Minutes Get You?

Get your minds out of the gutter! What is it with you guys *grin*?

A Cute-as-can-be girl's top that's what! I made 5 of these this morning for Anna. For her size it's a top, for a toddler, a cute spring/summer dress. Completely adjustable and completely easy either way!

Here's what I did: (yes, it's officially a tutorial)

1. Start with two regular bandannas (22" x 22") from the craft or discount store and 1-1/4 yards of coordinating ribbon (about 1" wide) cut into two equal pieces.

2. Fold and press a 1-1/4" (approximately) hem casing on each bandanna. I don't measure OR pin, but feel free.

3. Stitch casing VERY close to original hem line. Be sure to back-tack at the beginning and the end. Repeat for bandanna #2.


4. Thread (test) ribbon through each casing with a large safety pin. Tie off one shoulder side.

5. Adjust gathers around neck and tie off shoulder #2. Pin fit underarm at point where side seam will begin.

6. Remove test ribbon. Sew side seam (right sides together) very close to original hem lines. It need NOT be perfect - this should be easy and the original bandannas are not "perfect" anyway.

7. Press hems open.

8. Thread "actual" ribbon through casing and tie one side. Fit on child and tie side two. Trim excess ribbon. Adjust gathers and admire your work (the sewing's pretty good too huh?).

9. Side/Underarm view

10. Back view

11. Tack edges to ribbon and you are finished!

These are Fast, fun, and easy to make. Anna will be wearing these this spring and even now over her turtle necks. I can think of so many fun things to do. I can't wait to get some orange and white bandannas and make UT tops for Anna and a UT dress for a friend's toddler.

Let me know what you think!

I'll keep you posted!


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anunmaker said...

Ok, I am totally making these for the chicklets in my life...let's see, one kid and 2 tots???? Maybe 3??? Thanks for the tutorial!