Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Directions

Bend in The Road

A Blog about Knitting, Sewing, Crafting, & Life in general with a husband, 2 kids, and 3 dogs. I'm having a ball! That was my tagline above.

When I began this blogging adventure that tagline was fun and comfortable. These days it seems confining and a little overdone - like a fancy pair of shoes that look fantastic, but after an hour you remember why they are in the "way back" of the closet - "Oh yeah, these pinch!" To that end there are changes coming.

This blog was originally focused on knitting, that's where I was 3 years ago. I was managing a yarn shop and completely immersed in a knitting lifestyle. I worked knitting, I blogged knitting, I talked knitting, and I LIVED knitting. My life is different now.

I LOVE knitting and crochet. I also love sewing, and scrapbooking, and homeschooling, and being a wife, and being a mommy, and being a friend, and finding and fulfilling my small role in God's big world. There are times I blog about things not knitting related when I feel it's against the rules (albeit self imposed "rules"); like I strayed from the "THIS IS A KNITTING BLOG" code and "NOW I'LL BE PUNISHED!" I recognize the ludicrous nature of that sentiment, yet it is somehow so very prevalent and even more persistent.

I am officially breaking that mold - Here and Now! This is MY blog and it is filled with the things in my life that I love - ALL the things I love. Why I am only now realizing and acting on this is beyond me, but sometimes God has to drop a piano on your head right...

This inner struggle is in part why I have had the blogging blahs lately. Often I feel like I have nothing interesting to say and maybe sometimes I don't, but I hope you all still hang around. In fact I hope you invite your friends and neighbors. I hope you share with me what is going on in your life - not just the big stuff, but the small stuff too. "Small stuff" is what makes us interesting; it's what connects us all. That's what I want - to feel connected.

The blogging community is vast and often fickle, but it is also good and inspiring; it's where we connect with each other, and ourself. Please keep me in check and don't let me be vast or fickle - I want to be connected (I'd also like to be famous, but only sometimes).

I do love my life and I am having a ball. Thanks for listening to what bounces around in my head.

I'll keep you posted!



leslie said...

I agree. I belong to GrannyAlong and when Dan Fogleberg died a few days ago I mentioned it and I am now wondering whether I should have. Don't see why not... as long as I share my crocheting projects with them. It was something that affected me and I mentioned it. Hrump! So I agree with you especially as this is YOUR blog!!!

anunmaker said...

You go, girl!

FaeryCrafty said...

Good for you! I haven't been blogging for the same reason. I can't possibly stay on "topic" when my life is so much more than knitting or any other crafts. I am very passionate about horses and it has taken over a large part of my life. I am now realizing that it is my blog and I can blog about whatever the heck I want to, crafts or otherwise.

laurie said...

You know, I never really thought of your blog as a strictly "knitting" blog. That's way too constrictive. Good for you!