Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Update...

Had game night Friday night and had a blast - not sure quite how Travis took it, but we had fun and he's great - hope we haven't scarred him for life.

Worked Saturday and had a good time there too - slow easy day. We did get the July/August classes outlined so hopefully a calendar is forthcoming this week - we still have some tweaking to do.

Father's Day was nice. I made Daddy's favorite dinner and everyone came to the house to eat. We then played more games and I won everything!!!! - Gee - I'm not competitive am I? We taught Taylor how to play poker and the wench came up with an ace high flush! She drew to an ace high flush! Beginner's luck. Of course we bankrupted Casey - poor guy - he's too honest and REALLY cannot bluff.

On the knitting front: I'm working on another Baby Surprise Jacket - this on in sock yarn and for the store. I'm about 1/2 way finished. It's fun and mindless, but after a while it gets dreadfully boring so I made two more samples for the store - baby booties out of Baby Alpaca
Brush - they are cute and quick - great break from endless garter stitch. I'll take pictures tomorrow at the shop and try to get them posted ASAP.

I've also started working on a crochet design for a class I'll be teaching in July or August. It's a felted crochet tote bag. I can't wait to see how it turns out - so far it's looking pretty cute and I'm excited about it - Andrea you'll have to help me find some funky fabric for the lining!

I've also been sewing this week. I've sewn (just finishing to do yet) 5 little dresses for Anna and I want to make it clear that I LOVE my serger!!!! Anyone who knows me has heard this before - but I LOVE my serger!!! I'll take lots of pics today and tomorrow and get them uploaded for your viewing pleasure...

"Can I get some spaghetti with my meeples?"

I'll keep you posted!


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alexandria said...

I love meeples, and they love me
I am finally getting my new old computer hooked up tomorrow. thanks!