Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We won't speak of it...

Christmas knitting that is - it's come to this - if you get a handknitted gift from me this year - you're damned lucky! I've had the flu AND in-laws this weekend & week so stop your griping and say "Thank you" for that giftcard - right!

It's really not quite THAT bad, but pretty darned close.

Well I got this gift for a single girlfriend of mine from this site (at the time you could buy hunky bachelor versions) and thought - won't this be funny - everything important is covered by a cute little star sticker and we'll all get a laugh right? Well honey let me tell you - this guy needs a bigger star sticker. It's truly embarassing how much hangs out from behind the not-so-little star sticker. Oh - I'll give it to her anyway, but now it will arrive with an explanation and uproarious laughter rather than just a little giggle amongst girlfriends.

I'm off to continue knitting - I do have just a couple of things left that MUST be finished, but I'm not going to kill myself on everything else.

My Honey has promised to set up my camera software on this system and help me post pictures, etc. so hopefully I can be and all grown up blog with pictures and everything for Christmas (or shortly thereafter).

I'll keep you posted!

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