Friday, September 03, 2010

Finding Joy Friday

Thanks Angela for the reminder to look for joy in little things (check her out at Plains Life).

Every Cat Needs A Hat?
This picture just makes me laugh!  Every cat needs a hat, right?  That's Mac.  He's our giant BOY kitty.

I'm late here tonight, but it's still Friday.  The last few weeks have been a mix of ups and downs and pain med induced delirium, still I managed to craft and school and read in the moments in between.  I think that trying NOT to think about (let alone be IN) pain from Kidney stones kept me busy - plus I can't drive while taking uber pain killers so I was home - ALOT.

I've been finishing projects - some new and some old (some REALLY old) and hopefully I'll take pictures and post those, but I make no promises.

We had a date night with Toby tonight - Anna is at Grampy's.

Knit Night is at my house next Thursday so my home will be filled with friends and laughter and yummy snacks and even MORE knitting. [Ang, don't forget we're on Eastern time ;-)]

Oh and tonight I finally rid myself of the 9mm kidney stone! I know you're all dying for details, but we'll just say there was PAIN involved and leave it at that 'cause ew!  One down and one to go!

But what really made me smile is the comment that I received from Adrianna tonight (here).  Guys comments are REALLY special and this one made my day!  Thank You!

I'll keep you posted!



Callipygian said...

9 mm... as in almost a centimeter??? Sweet mother of pearl I can't imagine that.

Angela said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Hey, what time is Knit Night? I wonder if Ray would let me over night? :-)

AmyDe said...

YES - nearly one centimeter and there might have been tears and some minor squealing.

Ang you know you are always more than welcome! Come on over ANY time!