Monday, September 20, 2010

Genius or Disaster Looking for a Place to Happen???

So today Anna wanted to make Glitter Shells from this book that I picked up in the bargain section for about $4.00.

I HATE glitter.

Maybe that makes me a stick in the mud.  I can live with that.  Glitter gets absolutely everywhere and is nearly impossible to clean - never mind the fact that if I EVER work with glitter I perpetually have it on my face and strangers saying to me "Hey, you have glitter on your face!" (Thanks.  I know).


I sent them outside with a card table and their materials.  The entire time they were out there I was wondering if I was a genius or if it was somehow going to go terribly awry.

It turned out OK.  The shells got glittered, the patio got glittered, the chairs got glittered, I think even one of the dogs got glittered, and most of the mess remained outdoors.  Of course then the kids tracked glitter from one end of the house to the other on their clothes and hands (and yes, faces).  Overall it was much less of a disaster than it had the potential to be.

And in the end we got these:

Shells from our beach trip a couple of years ago + Modpodge + Martha glitter
100_2235  100_2229

Very pretty Martha Stewart Colored glittery shells.

I still HATE glitter.

I'll keep you posted,



Grumpy said...

ssshhh my kids don't know that glitter exists in loose form! :) As far as they know it only comes in glue! ssshhhh!

you're such a cool mom!

Angela said...

Glitter? What's glitter? My kids will not be seeing this post. You are a very, very brave mom. xo

Jasmin said...

Ah, the perpetual glitter/parent conflict.

My nieces *love* me because I bring glitter hairspray to family functions, and they get as much glitter as they want- outside.

Though, I did feel a little odd telling them they needed to be older to wear glitter eyeshadow- because that's for grownups. :)