Friday, August 06, 2010

"When do They go Back to School?..."

How often I hear that phrase.

I am asked about my own children and I hear mother's bemoaning longs days with their children home for summer break.

I'll tell you right up front - that second part - I just don't get.

Maybe because we're homeschoolers (or maybe it's why we are), but I enjoy the constant companionship of my kids. My children are very interesting people and we play, and sing, and learn, and craft, and travel, and explore, and work, and just downright have a good time together. My mother used to HATE back to school for the same reasons; maybe it's inherited.

Now don't get me wrong - I TOTALLY get needing grown up time away from the kids and I make room for that as well (elsewise Mommy gets a little Norman Bates thing going on), but the whole 'back to school collective sigh of relief' is lost on me. That's ok though. While everyone else is up at the crack of dawn making lunches, chasing children out of beds, sitting in hot carpool lines, and fighting traffic we'll be snuggled up in our pajamas reading books (lots of them).

I'll keep you posted!



Erin said...

Even before I started home-schooling my kids, I was so confused by the "yeah, summer is over" song so many of the mom's sang. Now, however, I love it. Why? As a homeschooler, I love when we get to have the rhythm of our days back to ourselves. I love spending time with my kids (11 -14 -19)...selfish, aren't I?

Grumpy said...

Dang we need to spend more time together. LOL! The only reason I'm breathing a sigh of relief about the kids (other people's that is!) going back is we get the pool to ourselves and things are a little less crazy when we're out and about. But I'm glad my kids are in my pocket and we're snug in our beds till well after you are! LOL! Even the baby slept til 10:30 this AM! LOL!

I swear I think the mentality we have is totally a homeschooler thing!

~Brenda said...

I love this. And I also love spending time with my kids. You go, girl! :))

Jenny said...

Many years ago, when I and my younger siblings were homeschooled, my mom would take a summer break from us by teaching part-time at a local university!

Anonymous said...

I am glad summer is over because it means we start our homeschool year- more time together! Wonderful post. I don't get it, either. :)