Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Behind Already...

At first this post was entitled "I'm Late! I'm Late!" but then I realized that sounds like something entirely different. NO! NOT that.

There are only 143 more Crafting Days until Christmas.

I usually begin in January (yes I do that) and I have only JUST made my list. Now my friend Andrea is likely finished (She's AWESOME!), but me, I'm behind.

It's time to finalize that list and get crafty!

Oh yeah there's also those two swaps I need to finish and a sweater for a friend that needs some crochet work.

Suddenly I hear Devo in my head!

I'll keep you posted!


1 comment:

Grumpy said...

Alright that's just twisted... but I'm right there with ya. I haven't even started that crafty list this year... i'm feeling "Grinch"-ish. As I didn't even get one "Hey that's cool" or "thanks" last year...