Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You'll Be Relieved to Know

That I remembered the book I had forgotten. Phew - a big collective sigh of relief right?

The book I forgot to list was The Florabama Ladies Auxilary and Sewing Circle.

I finished the Quiltmaker's Daughter and The Bishop's Daughter - those two along with The Storekeeper's Daughter are a trilogy called The Daughters of Lancaster County. Amish folk were a welcome relief after the two serial rapist/murderer books I had just finished.

I am crocheting an afghan finally! I'm calling it my 'Waste-not Want-not' blanket. I gathered all of the cotton classic I have in the house and I'm making a giant random granny-square afghan for my family. I started last Friday and so far I've worked through 12 skeins of yarn (only 16 more to go). How you may ask does one end up with 28 skeins of cotton classic? Well I didn't - I actually had 42 but I pulled the pastels and tweedy colors for another project. Please, if you know me at all NO ONE was shocked at 42 after all it is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

I really love the way it's coming along and I hope to be finished with it by the weekend. Andrea is making one as well out of her Sierra - She learned to crochet in about 5-seconds and off she goes - it's going to be gorgeous!

I'll take pictures of mine as soon as it's finished. Here's to using what you have!

I'll keep you posted!



Anonymous said...

Finished by the weekend?! An entire afghan?! How can that be? My mom has been crocheting an afghan for me for 10 years now!!

Grumpy said...

Awesome on the afghan....

Since you like quilting books, have you tried Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini? (fiction book) and someday I'll add quilting to my mess of hobbies! LOL!

anunmaker said...

I have some Cotton if you want it!!! Fuschia no less.

I am going to read the Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross. Got to meet her this weekend at Mom's. What a lovely lady. Can't wait to start! I will let you know how they are.