Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Have You Been Knitting?"

That's what my friend asks me everyday. Some days "yes", but lately most days "No." Lately I've been reading. I posted back in January about books I want to read this year. Some I've gotten to, some I'm getting to, and most of what I read wasn't anywhere near the list.

So far I have read:
Grace Walk
Eat, Pray, Love, (Gag on your own 'god of self-importance')
The Golden Compass
Along Came a Spider
The Lovely Bones
The Storekeeper's Daughter
Tuesdays with Morrie
and it seems like there is one more I can't remember - oh well.

I'm enjoying myself and looking forward to more, but I better warm up the crochet hooks and get to work on a few afghans I want to make for the holidays and maybe a bag for myself.

I've been giving away and selling yarn and I still have more to sort through, but lots is already posted on my Ravelry - Lynne K. if you're interested in anything just let me know - it's yours! - I can send it with Casey for you.

I'll keep you posted!


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Grumpy said...

Thanks so much for the offer... I think my hubby would kill me if I did! LOL! But I'll take a look! :)

dh says your car is cool - but I can't have one. ;(