Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Finished!!! WooHoo!

Well it took me 2 weeks and 2 days (ends are almost all woven in and will be finished tonight) instead of the 8 days I hoped for, but... It looks FABULOUS (shameless)! I would have finished more quickly if I hadn't picked up Kiss The Girls mid-weeks and had a reading frenzy - it's hard to read and crochet at the same time.
Afghan Full-on

Here are a few more views:
Afghan Close Up

and one with a kitty:
Afghan Kitty
(That's P.C. - our "Poofy Cat")

Out of 28 skeins of Cotton Classic used from my stash
All That's Left
Is all that's left.

I also finally got around to taking a picture of the Jitterbug Ankle Socks I made - I love them - even if they did turn my feet blue (should have washed them first huh?).
Jitterbug Ankle Socks

Next I'm going to knit the Forest Canopy Shawl out of Schaefer's "Miss Priss." I can't wait to have it finished - I've heard it's a really quick knit.

Check out Lolly's page and view her "Stanley Cup Knitting." We don't have decent Hockey in Atlanta (really - we don't), but Law and Order is on about 16 times a day - so...

I'll keep you posted.



Laurie said...

Beautiful! I love the colors. The kitties are getting so big, it's good to see them. I need to get you their microchip info, though. Can't just rush into things.

Heather said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to show it to my mom so she can see what a finished afghan looks like! (I guess I'm one to talk though. I'll be working on my socks for the next 10 years probably!)

meg said...

amazing! the colors are so bright and cheery. pat yourself on the back--well done.

Lori said...

gorgeous!! :^D)

i have fantasies about making one of these one day!

Grumpy said...

Beautiful blanket, dang you work fast!... cool socks!