Monday, March 03, 2008

Yay! My Computer is Fixed

Casey touched my computer and it broke - that's what I'm going with anyway. Now he's replaced the HD in my mac-mini and while it isn't silent as it was before - it does actually work now, which is better. Now to get everything reloaded and transferred over - ugh. I'll be back soon - lots going on - lots to tell you!

I'll keep you posted!



anunmaker said...

I am so glad...I was beginning to wonder what happened to you!

Casey said...

Most of that noise is coming from the external HD - once you get your backed up files off of that things should be quieter :)

Carol said...

I actually believe that story. that's what happens to me. I touch computers, they break. At home, at's a gift. Of some kind, now to apply it for good!

Felicia said...

Glad you've got it working again :)