Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just in Case You Were Wondering

How Netflix makes ANY money at all!?!

It's us.

I was just looking at our queue and noticed that the movie we just returned *cough*Monday*cough* was sent to us on January 9. It wasn't even good either. Oh well at least there aren't late fees$!$

I'll keep you posted!



Grumpy said...

LOL! We've done the same thing... but I've gotten now to where I keep them 3 days if no one watches it I'm sending it back so I can get a new on! LOL! They're doing a good racket, but they're also doing good things for local store competition too! :)

dawn said...

Netflix has changed my life. I gave up the cable 1 year ago and now I only watch netflix. I am loving the tv shows you can get like Weeds or Dexter.