Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inside Out Burgers

YES - it's a Rachael Ray thing again.

Here's the deal:
Basically you put all your ingredients INSIDE the burger patty before you cook it.

eg: ground beef, chopped up cheddar cheese, fried bacon (cook it first please - no food poisoning), chopped onion, mustard, salt & pepper all go into the burger patty mixture then you cook it as usual in a NON-STICK skillet - that's important b/c the cheese melts out some and can get sticky!

You can do it with anything.

Ground Turkey or chicken or pork.

Katey's fav were the chicken burgers with Havarti & dill. I left the capers out that day as my guests were not adventurous eaters - it was a success!

Use your imagination and have fun - if you like jalapenos (not me, but if you like them...) try some chopped up and use Monterrey jack cheese. Or use ground chicken with sliced up deli ham and swiss mixed in for a "cordon blue" effect.

It's a great way to get kids to try new things - it's burger after all, but it can also be fun and a little fancier than standard burger fare if you're having guests on game night.

Really it's not more difficult than making a "plain ole hamburger," but you get LOTS of praise - makes me feel like that Rice Crispy Treat commercial lady.

Great - NOW I'm hungry.

I'll keep you posted!



velcro said...

Ahh! Thankyou for clarifying that. I wonder if I could use it to sneak some vegies into my incredibly picky son.

katey said...


Chicken Burgers with Havarti and Dill were GOOD!