Monday, March 05, 2007

My New Flickr Group

Inspired by Project Spectrum, Unwound Podcast (episode 4 listener poll), Yarn Shop experience, The Lime n Violet Boards and Podcast, and more...

I have created a flickr group:

Show and Tell Yarn 2007

I started a Flickr set of my own to keep track of finished knits/crochets in 2007 then I began thinking about a central place for all of us to post 2007 completions. I am very inspired by others' WIP. Each of us has such unique creative talent I want to see how it all turns out.

I want Show and Tell Yarn 2007 to be a place that everyone can have a
"Hooray for Me" shouting post, because let's face it - the pets aren't
always as thrilled as we'd like.

My only guidelines are knitting and/or crochet or yarn in general and BE NICE because Mean People Suck!

Please join me and help me spread the word as well. It's time to show off your amazing talents and support fellow stitchers.

Here's the link to the group:

and here's the onsite description:

About 2007 Show & Tell Yarn Projects

A central place for showing off your 2007 finished knits & crochets.
Find adoration and inspiration amongst your fellow stitchers. Please
give as much information with your photos as you feel comfortable with
and be sure to link your blog (if you have one).

As always BE NICE because Mean People Suck!

I'll keep you posted!


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stephanie said...

You need to create a button!!