Saturday, March 17, 2007

In Progress...

*DISCLAIMER* Blogger LOADED on prescription medicine. If babbling/pelling errors abound blogger is not entirely responsible.

Casey's sweater is finished and it got chili this weekend (yeah) so he could actually wear it. I am so happy with the finished product - it fits perfectly and looks GREAT on him (I may be biased there, but...).

I am halfway through the foot section of Casey's sock #2 and will be finished with it this week.

I picked up a longtime UFO T-Shirt Sweater I started about a year ago. I cleverly arranged for it to be the current "Knit-Along" project for the shop. Now I'll get it finished as there are about 4 other ladies knitting one with me. All I need is a little healthy competition to get me completely motivated. I am such a show-off it's not funny.

I also started a new project for the shop (the Bloom shawl wasn't working out). It's the lacey huggy-shrug jacket from Knit Two Together. I am making it in Blue Heron's Beaded Rayon colorway: Leaf and it is soooooooooo pretty. I just started this evening and I LOVE it!

Having 3 things on the needles at once is driving me a little crazy though so I'll have to finish that sock up ASAP.

In other news:

I'll be on the next Unwound Podcast advertising/advocating the new Flickr group. You guys, Kelli is GREAT and always fun to listen to. Check her out! The new episode (#10) should be ready very soon.

I think I have kidney stones (again). I've been to the doctor and he ordered a CT, but the imaging center was closed so I'll go Monday and get the official word. Meanwhile I'm pretty drunk on Darvocet - so No worries, except that my knitting guage on the shrug may be different when I'm not high - I'll worry about that later. Right now high is pretty good.

I'll take some good photos tomorrow in the sunlight and post them. I can't wait to show you Casey's sweater - he loves it by the way - even better!

I'm going to lie down now and try to stop spinning.

I'll keep you posted!



Kelli said...


You are indeed on Episode 10 of Unwound which should be ready for download today. Thanks for sharing your nifty idea - which reminds me, I must go out and contribute since I have finished something this year! Hope you're feeling better soon.

stephanie said...

oh no!! you poor thing. You must havecaught them from K. Feel better.

I'll have to go listen.