Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hated It - Moving On!

I've been working on a T-shirt sweater (started it about a year ago and put it down) for a while now. I picked it back up as the project for the shop' new knit along.


I love the pattern. I can't stand the yarn. It looks great, it feels great, and it's going to pick like crazy. One of those sweaters you can either be VERY careful in (which I'm not inclined to be) or wear about once before it's ruined.

So, I ripped the needles out and am moving on.

That's OK! I'll make the T-shirt on a yarn I love - either my red Fantasy Naturale, or my lime Sierra - maybe both!

I'll have pictures tomorrow of the Rayon Jacket I'm working on.

I'll keep you posted!



anunmaker said...

So, did you get rid of a lot of stress and agression when you ripped it out?

Restless Knitter said...

I just recently started listening to podcasts and in the process of trying to find the ones I like and get caught up, I heard a certain AmyDe on one! :)

HPNY Knits said...

I did the same a month or so ago for an item I was not "feeling" and I felt so much better when I frogged it. it eliminated the guilt.
there are so many lovely things to knit, why get stuck on what we hate?