Friday, January 12, 2007

Etsy...a Few Notes

I LOVE Etsy! I get a small thrill watching the "recently listed items" pop up and scroll across the homepage. It is so much fun to see what others are crafting and to see what they are selling, etc. I have to tear myself away so that otherthings actually get done - like making new things, or you know, feeding my children. It makes me feel good to see crafters selling their items and making money at something they love; It's Good! I meet many neat people through Etsy and what's more fun than expanding your crafting community and creating friendships along the way?

It makes me feel GREAT when someone buys something I make. I hope that they will enjoy the item as much as I enjoyed making it. The whole process is a thrill for me from the conception of an idea, gathering of materials, construction, listing, advertising, answering questions, the sales transaction and finally shipping an item off to it's new home. I especially love it when someone buys something from me that they are giving as a gift - when you see an item and say "hey I know someone who will LOVE that!" That's good stuff!

WARNING: Shameless Self Promotion:

I have several sock knitting (or any other small knitting) totes listed and some other items that expire soon so get them while you can. I'll be listing more items over the next few weeks also. Hey maybe you'll see my items run across the "recently listed items" bar (because it really is fun to watch). Check Etsy out (if you haven't already) and have some fun looking around at what everyone's making. You'll be inspired.

I'll keep you posted!



stephanie said...

Feeding your children??? Have you considered making them free range children? It's much easier that way and they plump up real nice. ;)

Wendy said...

Love the funky baby bibs - I'm not knitting my next baby gift - I'm just going to buy one of your bibs!


Alicia P. said...

Beautiful things, Amy.

And, tag! You're it :-)