Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Aftermath of a Crafty Christmas

I made many lovely things for family and friends this year and my craft room (ok the whole house) is showing it. It's time for a PURGE! I am going to pull everything out of the craft room and sort it by categaory - then PURGE like crazy. (I haven't taken "before" pictures - can't risk them being around forever.)

THEN I will decide what storage solutions I need and reset the room. I figure (with some help) that I can get through the sort/purge in two full days. It will take another two days to shop for and assemble any pieces I need and reset the room. Then my goal is to actually craft everyday. I have two entire bins (big ones) of UFOs (That's UnFinished Objects) that I want to FINISH before the end of January.

I've got LOTS of work ahead of me! Anyone want to join me in the January Clean Out? You can purge your craft rooms/areas/stashes too.

Any of my local girlfriends who love to purge and organize things (you all know who you are) want to give me a hand?

I'll keep you posted!



Carol said...

Too ambitious for me! My plan is just to get some totes or plastic boxes for my stash. It was on shelves, but the ziploc bags keep sliding off the shelves now. So Plastic boxes or something to toss it all into is my goal.

katey said...

I just want to come to your house and purge your crap... how about Sunday?


Anonymous said...

I could help on Saturday. I was thinking about painting, but with the dampness, I am not sure I want to start something that won't dry.

Let me know.

Claudia said...

HAH - I am one step ahead of you girl. Already done with ripping the closet apart and putting everything on a list. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow at Distaff Day!

Linda said...

Thanks for the encouragement Amy. I'm pretty organized - splurged on plastic with different size drawyers at my local dollar store a few months ago. I've rewarded myself for my most recent purge by casting on a pair of socks for myself this morning - Meilenweit Mega Boots Softcolor, so soft!

How is your purging going?