Friday, December 01, 2006

Truant Blogger...

I've had the blogging blahs for the last couple of weeks. While trying to pinpoint why I realized that there is no ONE factor keeping me from the keyboard, but there are many. I've taken on more at work and that takes time and lots of mental energy, homeschool is in (almost) full-swing, I'm stressed about holiday crafting (moreso about holiday getting off my ass to do the crafting, but...), and November was just hard for me this year in ways that I did not expect.

My Mother's birthday was yesterday and I had planned a touching and charming post about lessons learned, examples of love, and whatnot, but when I sat down to write - I couldn't do it; words would't come without tears so... I'll file the idea away for another time.

Thanks to all who are bearing with me through this. I so enjoy the blogging community and want to get to know you better, please give me just a little extra time to get back on my feet.

I've got major sewing,knitting,crocheting, and crafting to do over the next few days and I am looking forward to finishing projects. I'll be back to crafty posting soon and have pictures and all that good stuff too. Until then, this made me laugh:

Toby Corner

I'll keep you posted!



Katey said...

What is the Tobinator doing?

YarnTamale said...

As always you capture the most precious photos of my two favorite children! As hard as this time is for you, those two pumpkins are a daily reminder of how truly blessed you are. Hang in there and know that I'm always here for you just as you've been there for me. I couldn't have gotten through my difficult time without you! You're the best you crazy woman! Love ya!