Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The LIST Revised...

As I was making out my list for the children of who gets what and from whom, Christmas Eve v. Christmas Morning, etc. I realized that if I stop right now that they are even and we might possibly avoid the "gimme gimme" glut. To that end - I have removed three children's 'make' items from my list, which gave me time for a long bubble bath last night - aaahhhh!

We did finally get the tree decorated Sunday night and I've wrapped most of the gifts (need to dig out more paper) and things are looking rather pretty. I still wish everything had been completed two weeks ago, but... Just a little more sewing, a little more knitting, a little more wrapping and all will be finished.

My craftroom is a disaster and my work area in there keep shrinking, but I'm managing and I'm almost through. Thanks to all for cheering me on and I'll have more pictures after Christmas as I realized (only just now as I'm typing) that I've boxed everything up to wrap and have no pics yet - oops!

I can't wait to be finished and able to think about and concentrate on new projects with more distant deadlines!

I'll keep you posted!


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stephanie said...

You'll get a real note soon... Thank you! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.