Friday, December 15, 2006

Dad's Gift in Jeopardy

We had his great idea, Casey and I, to buy my Daddy a new digital SLR camera for Christmas. It turned out that just after we decided this his old (really old) manual Minolta 35 mm was stolen out of his van so it seemed the perfect idea yes?

Well almost... We found a GREAT camera at an even better price and ordered it - the Nikon D-40 - brand new on the market and with all the options we wanted. We ordered it and it arrived quickly and safely Wednesday afternoon. Casey opened it up to check it out and learn a little about it so we can train my father - that's when the trouble started.

Casey had the camera in his hands for about 5 minutes before he called me at the shop and said only this "NO." Immediately I knew we were in trouble and I relayed to him that no matter what - Daddy IS getting the camera for Christmas; he reiterated only "NO."

I came home ready to make my case and stand my ground, after all it's my Daddy's camera right? Then Casey hands me this exquisite piece of machinery and I was in love. The Nikon D-40 is a beautiful thing - it takes GREAT pictures, is super easy to use, is digital (which means I can shoot as much crap as I want) AND it makes the noise! You know - the 35mm SLR noise, a noise that I grew up with and love.

So now I have a problem. I intend to give the camera as a gift as planned, but I REALLY want one for myself. In and of itself that's not a problem - I'll get one, the problem is I don't want to wait. Quite a predicament, guess I'll practice my patience.

My pics from yesterday were taken with the D-40 as was this one:
That's Pokey

That's my Pokey - she's a silly beagle and a Mommy's girl. We love her!

I'll keep you posted!



YarnTamale said...

Take a deep breath, let it go and remember, 'tis the season of giving.

stephanie said...

You know, I think the price on the camera just went down...

Still happy with it? Let me know, please.