Monday, November 06, 2006

Little House in The Suburbs...

(that's googlemap satellite imagery of MY house)

"Knit it All!" There's a goal for you! Christina, AKA 'Knitty-D' has a goal to knit all of her Rhinebeck 2006 Fiber Festival purchases BEFORE Rhinebeck 2007. Considering what Knitty-D purchased that is a reasonable, yet big, goal. I like the concept though - the "use what you have" BEFORE getting more idea. I want to do this as well - use it all.

I have so much and I find myself constantly wanting, driven to, more. I think about our pioneering American history and how people "made do." I know I romanticize the life - because it was no doubt truly harsh - but I can't help but believe that it was also happier.

The world today beeps, and buzzes, and whirs at a dizzying pace and no matter what I have - in over abundance - I always want newer, better, more. Being bombarded with ads from every side, T.V., billboards, magazines, radio, the beloved internet - it's EVERYWHERE - I constantly am presented with more ways to seperate me from my (ok my husband's) hard earned money.

Don't get me wrong, I love and thoroughly enjoy my very modern lifestyle I just think sometimes it would be easier without cell phones, and answering machines, and email, and instant access, and TiVO (ok NOT TiVO - that's just crazy talk). Anyway, more life with less - that's the ultimate goal; less stuff, less running, less spending (or at least different), less disconnect - more time, more family, more laughter, more contentment, - happier.

The pioneering Americans and many generations that followed understood value, they understood usefullness, and they understood hard work in a capacity I will never know. My life - just the daily survival part - is easy by comparison and while I take the bad with the good (I do love me some TiVO) I wonder what I'm missing by having everything.

So, a goal - "knit it all!" - or in my case - "Use it All!" is adopted. not a "don't buy anything" binge (because everyone knows where most of those lead), but a new way of thinking. I am "thinking home" first and asking myself "do I already have something I can use or make work? Do I really need it? Do I really want it?" I am working on projects I already have and gifting to others those I am never going to complete. I expect using materials I have and completing projects I am already mentally, and finacially invested in to bring me great joy and contentment.

So I set off with the American Pioneers as my role models and a hopeful, expectant attitude to "Use it All" and seek More with less. Who will join me?

I'll keep you posted!


p.s. Speaking of TiVO: Thank you BS Galactica writers for giving us back Lee with the bod and for the gratuitous abs footage this past week - truly - Thank You!


Amy said...

GOOD for you. I wish you luck and hope you find contentment and happiness somewhere under all the stuff.

Katey said...

Wow, your backyard looks different from space.

Is that Pokey I see in the grass?


YarnTamale said...

Thank you dear friend for your beautiful and eloquent post. I'm in and on the bandwagon 100%. The unexpected death of my beloved papa has taught me to slow down, appreciate, be content and live in the moment with what I have and be grateful for it. I have a love/hate relationship with cell phones. My most favorite bumper sticker is "hang up and drive"! So keep your very inspiring posts coming and know that this girl loves to read them! You're a good egg as my mom would say.

stephanie said...

woo hoo!! Now if I can just develop a little willpower, I could be in the same boat.