Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Chicken Pops" Redux

Turns out it isn't Chicken Pox at all. As I looked at it I told Casey I thought maybe it was something else - so he went to the doctor yesterday and it is a skin born infection. Not sure how he got it - it's bacteria that's on the skin all the time, but once it breaks the barrier it can go crazy and cause the sort of breakout he has. FUN! I know - you all wanted to know that. Anyway some major antibiotics and a few days and he'll be fine - PLUS it's not contagious!

On to things more pleasant. Andrea and I spent 8 plus hours working in the shop on Sunday. We cleaned and we moved furiture and we cleaned out storage and we CLEARANCED tons of yarn. We worked very hard and while there is still more to be done, the shop is looking great. Our December calendar is almost ready and looking great as well.

I'll get lots of things done today crafty wise and have some pictures for posting tomorrow - didn't think you guys wanted pics of the rash (eeeewwww)!

Everyone go wish Katey Happy Birthday today!

I'll keep you posted!


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stephanie said...

Glad to hear that's all it is.