Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Chicken Pops,"

as Anna would say. Breakthrough Chicken Pox is the official title of what we have - we've all either had Chicken pox or been vaccinated, yet we have the rash! We're all feeling fine and I am showing no symptoms, but the kids and Casey all have a very very mild, but definitive, case of Chicken Pox. It sucks!

I had to cancel a crochet workshop this morning and bail on 3 people waiting for me to teach them to crochet - I'll rescedule, but it sucks to bail out at the last minute. I figure the students would rather reschedule than be contaminated though so I'll be scrambling this week to get things together for make up sessions.

On a positive note our December class calendar is looking great and we have lots of new things in store for the shop. I am so excited.

Now, if I just weren't contagious!

I'll keep you posted!



stephanie said...

I'm so sorry you're sick!! And of course, as the Mama, you get to stay on duty 24/7 even if you get sick. Let me know if I can help. Even if it's just a run to the grocery store.

Have everyone take oatmeal baths and Feel better soon!

Carol said...

Chickenpox sucks! however, I am sure that your students will forgive you, they don't want them either, I'm sure...

anunmaker said...

Oh you poor babies...If you need anything let me know. I had a full blown case back in the 3rd grade. So, I should be ok to go into the quarntined area!