Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Finished Something!

I finished the pink wrap - Now I need to block it and clean up the ends tonight (I'll post pistures then). It is really pretty and it was fun to work on; now I'll have to learn how to do ACTUAL entrelac. I am going to make the Lady Eleanor Shawl out of the purple/olive Silk Garden eventually.

I am almost to the heel on Anna's second sock. I'll be finished in a day or two and then wrap them up for her birthday. Then on to Toby's second sock - actually I need to rework the toe of the first one as well so maybe I'll finish those by the weekend.

Do you guys know the Lime & Violet podcast. They are truly laugh your a** off funny in a different way than Knitty D & the City (my faves). I am finally caught up and waiting anxiously for the next one. I LOVE listening to these podcasts - it's like sitting with girlfriends!

I am not going to be at knit night for the next couple of months. I am worrking an Emmaus weekend and the team meetings fall on Thursdays - bah!

Katey, Laurie, and I have some fun things brewing so stay tuned for more information soon. Shhh! It's a secret!

BTW: (totally unrelated) I want one of THESE! I might have to pick one up SOON!!!

I've been planning sewing projects lately as well - like I said before - this is my very favorite time of year and I get really productive. I'll post pics as soon as anything is picture worthy.

I also organized my stash last week and whoa! I have lots o' stuff. Not as much as I imagined, but still... I put everything in large zipper bags along with the patterns and made a list of the projects I have yarn for. I'm not going to bore you with the list today (I'll save that for another post), but let's just say - I'd better knit faster! Might be time to break out my knitting machine and get somethings made up quickly.

One minor confession: I have enough dishcloth cotton to make 27+ ballband dishcloths from the Mason Dixon book. guess what everyone is getting for Christmas!!!

Shameless self promotion to follow:
After ordering 5 skeins of Andrea and buying all that Schaefer the other night please visit my Etsy shop and help me out. I hope to have a shop update in about a week!

Just because I am now convinced that every post should have a photo here's what happens when you give the 5-year old the camera (it's not flattering):

Anna's Eye

I'll keep you posted!


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alexandria said...

will miss you at knit nite. will you still be working on saturdays? maybe i will pop in to say hi.

love the photos that ana took, by the way!!

enjoy your emmaus meetings.

xo jana