Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blocked Out!

Hey - here's the pink/orange wrap all blocked and ready to go:
Blocked Out

And here's what we did this week:
Big Fish
Our first visit to the Georgia Aquarium. It was really nice and lots of fun. The way it's designed you really don't get a perspective of how enormous the place really is, which I'm nt sure is a good thing, but it is beautiful.

Guys don't forget to join Socktoberfest (I'll get my button tomorrow). It's lots of fun and I hope to get lots done.

I was commenting on another blog about Christmas knitting and how I'm not doing it. I've already begun buying giftcards for Christmas gifts. I am knitting and if there is something in the basket that suits someone special then goody for them, but if not - that's ok too. I think this year the holidays are going to be hard enough without adding more stress. Knit for the fun of knitting and for special people - NOT for deadlines. When you knit or craft for a deadline it often sucks the joy right out of the process.

So here's to a happy holiday season for all (yes it's early) with ease and true enjoyment! And forgive me if you run into me in the shop while I'm working and I am all about "Holiday Knitting" - come on it's retail and we've got to pay the rent!

I'll keep you posted!



Linda said...

Hi AmyDe. Thanks for the encouraging words regarding my Christmas knitting. I've enjoyed reading your blog. You are very talented. I also sew but do very little of that these days. I'm very jealous of your job -- yarn store manager, how much luckier can you get? I would be broke and have a much more serious stash problem though.

It is too bad you're not in DE. I feel like I must be in the black hole of the knitting world. I don't know a single knitter (in person), can you believe it? I have to drive 60 miles to get to a yarn shop other than Michaels or AC Moore. Obviously this hasn't slowed my yarn purchasing down at all so I'll quit whining.

I live on a farm with my husband, Barbara 22, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and a horse. Because I work at home, I can spend LOTS of time knitting. Which reminds me -- I read on your blog that you saw a chiropractor and that it allowed you to knit pain-free again (or something like that). I'm hoping you wouldn't mind elaborating. I have a serious case of knitting-related tendonitis. I'm trying to change up my knitting technique (I'm told I am a 'thrower'). If I don't see some improvement soon, I'm just going to have to put my needles away for awhile.

By the way, the felted bowl pattern is from Leigh Radford's book 'One Skein.' Its easy, fun, and everyone loves them which makes them a great gift. I like to make a set of 2 or 3, then fill them with a bath mitt and soap or washcloth.

Nice to have met you, so to speak. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog, seems we have much in common.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your finished wrap! It looks great, and now you get to do Lady Eleanor - I did mine in Shaeffer, Elaine, in a red/black color, and I love it - I keep it by my desk, and wrap myself in it when are clankity clank office's heater goes on the fritz. Love the Silk Garden though - another of my faves!