Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I can Knit! I can Knit!

Finally! I can knit again. I've had shoulder pain for the poast few months hat just would NOT get better. After a visit to a chiropractor and lots of "snap,crackle, pop" It feel soooo much better. It's still not right, but it's getting better. I go back tomorrow for more twists & turns and hopefully lots less pain.

I was able to knit last night and some today - I just have to take it easy still - so I've been sewing. I haven't got any finished pictures for you as everything is in progress.

Are you guys as addicted to Project Runway as I am? I didn't watch until this season, but I was quickly sucked in and now can't wait for each new episode. I am not a fashion kind of girl, but I love the creativity and sewing plus the characters are "FABULOUS!" It's not on until late tonight so until then I must "Carry On!"

I'll have pics and a BIG shop update tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted!



alexandria said...

so glad you are feeling better...have a wonderful weekend - i'll be with you in spirit!!


anunmaker said...

I am so glad to hear your shoulder is better! And yes, I am addicted to Project Runway, too...I can't wait to see what they are going to do in Paris. See you next week.

Lolly said...

LOVE Project Runway - I got hooked into one of those all-day marathons in Season One and have loved it ever since!