Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And You'll Always Have a Neighbor....

(You'll always have a pal - if you ever navigated on the Erie Canal.)

WARNING: Only a true friend could reveal to you the things I am about to share.

Nearly a week later and I'm still tired from our Knit All Night party. We had the BEST time. Many thought we were crazy, dorks, stupid, you name it they thought it, but let me tell you - WE HAD FUN!!!!

It was truly insane with tons of people and food and yarn and prizes. We laughed and told jokes (some funny some not so much, baaa!) and we ate and knitted (well they knitted) and shopped and learned new things about personal grooming - it was very educational!

Now after about 1 a.m. all "rules" (not that we follow them anyway) go out the window and pretty much anything goes. Including this:


That's Katey and as I only arrived in time to take the picture I have NO idea what was going on and I was afraid to ask, but it was funny so here you go!

Then there was Marybeth - who's inquiring mind wanted to know...


And of course Amy N, Ginger, & Stephanie (from L to R) who laughed right along:


We did have a GREAT time and can't wait to do it again!

And to leave you with more funny pics here are some of my doggy Pokey. She's a sweet doggy and, well, she's pretty!

Pokey & The Frog:

Cute Right?

Now try the overhead shot:


Yeah - that's what I thought too!

I'll keep you posted!



Caroline said...

Got to love those beagles! Pokey looks like he'd get along with our beagle Rowdy. Can Pokey resist yarn??? Rowdy is partial to fuzzy, luxury yarn.

Lolly said...

Great pictures! I love the t-shirt "I'm blogging this" - I need one! :)

Ha, those dog/frog pics are too funny!!

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Hehehe, pokey and froggy, hehehe.

YarnTamale said...

Oh, that little Pokey is just too cute for words, I miss seeing her, oh and you and the kids too of course!

stephanie said...

Pokey's just asking the frog, "Hey! How's it goin'?"

Carol said...

Froggy, meet Pokey. What's that? You've already met? Ohhhh I see....