Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Hot Like Fire!"

Anna: "Mommy will you please roll my window down. I'm hot like fire."

It IS 'hot like fire' and as such I've been doing - you've guessed it - absolutely nothing! I haven't crafted much - the room needs straightening. I haven't shopped - please, dragging two children out in this heat and in and out of carseats UGH! I've only done enough dishcloth knitting to REALLY make my shoulder hurt - which is not that much these days. Mostly - we're sitting on the couch watching movies, random TV, reading, listening to music, and catching up on podcasts. Woohoo!

Knit night is tonight and I have a few ideas for that, but it's guild night and lots of people probably won't be there so...

Off I go to educate my children in our air-conditioned comfort. If only webvan was still around - then I wouldn't even have to leave the house for organic produce!

I'll keep you posted!



stephanie said...

Will see you tonight (you know how I feel about the guild). Try resting your arms on pillows to take the weight off your shoulder. That helped a lot when my arms were hurting.

K said...

So you're coming to guild tonight, right?

miss you, sweetie!

FaeryCrafty said...

I've been hot like fire lately too. I can totally relate!