Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Catching Up and Early Birthdays

I'm 3 weeks behind on podcast listening. I MUST get them downloaded and transferred to my ipod soon. I really have missed them. I'm shooting pictures of finished projects tonight (after the batteries charge).

So today I shopped and went to lunch with my dad and the kids, and then I shopped some more - this time for fun. Anna and I (Toby went to Grampy's house) went to the mall to pick her out a new bedspread - they didn't have it and we'll order it online, but I did get my ear pierced again. I had her put both in one ear. I've been wanting my ear pierced again for a long time so to help ease the birthday funk I went for it. Then we went to the Bath & Body works sale - yummy!

Am I the only one who knits/crochets (usually crochet it's easier to stop) at red lights and in traffic? Truly only at red lights and in traffic - please - I have kids in the car.

The shop is going to be Fantastico! A former boss of my husband once told him "there are no problems, there are only opportunities" Casey's response was "Well then Bill, we've got one HELL of an opportunity!" We are taking the opportunity of the flood of 06 - to completely remodel the shop. We are doing so much so fast and it's going to look and be great! More room, more color, more yarn, more fun for everyone!

I am very excited about the shop and cannot wait to see it all in place!

I'll keep you posted!



FaeryCrafty said...

I have heard of people doing that! hehe!

stephanie said...

I've knitted when the car is stopped, but the only thing that worries me is this (well two things):

1. If there is an accident and the knitting is found on my lap, would I be considered (at least partly)at fault?

2. If there is an accident and the airbag goes off (front end when I'm stopped) will the needles end up in my eyes?

Notice that in neither of these scenarios, that I would not otherwise be at fault... I'm a good little driver - just ask the cop who wrote my last ticket.