Tuesday, March 07, 2006

While my Batteries Charge...

For the camera! - Get your mind out of there;-) Anyway pictures tomorrow or later tonight as the camera batteries are completely dead - both sets so... I've been working on the snakey scarf in Karaoke yarn and two - yes TWO red sweaters. Hopefully one will be finished for knit night and I can take it for show and tell.

March is my UFO month. There will be no UFO sightings in April (at least not any of these) so here is a list of things to finish - many of them are little bits of things that are just hanging around and some of them are bigger projects that I really need to get off my franny and get done - so deadline it is! March is decision time for these projects - some of them may need to find their final resting place at the bottom of the glorious frog pond - guess we'll see how it goes.

Wooly Stripes felted bag
Karaoke Snakey scarf
Michael's socks (Yes - THAT pair)
Toby's orange sweater
Mom's bulky pink house socks
Silk eye pillows
Lining & Ribbon Handles for Paintbox bag
Ribbon for Equinox stripe basket
Beaded handle for Easter basket
Pink Wrap/Shawl (it's been laguishing so long I had totally forgotten it)
Christmas stocking - toe & felting
Baby sock (#2 of pair for shop)
Pastel ankle socks (had to do something with all that yarn from the baby sock no?)
Anna's mohair/silk poncho -(finished & wearble, but still needs a few more flowers)
Purple Bagsmith Bag (what an albatross)
Seams in blue "Elaine" sweater (I had to rip the seaming out as it was UGLY)
Purple Baby bootie (seam the mate to the one in the shop)
Red "Laser" Sweater
Red Cotton Sweater
Susan's Afghan (crochet - but needs a little redesign)
Handles for 127 print bag (I REALLY HATE I-CORD!!!!!)
Zipper for Karoake felted pouch

See - most of those things are little and easily checked off, but I'm going to be busy getting everything else finished. Man it will feel good to check all these things off the list. Are you guys "LIST People" too? I find it so satisfying to mark things off - there's probably a self-help group for the level of obsession that I seem to have, but hey - it's still serving me well right now so...

Hey later this month, as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (train - what train?) I'll post a list of my stash and projects I want to work on - if I face it all in print right now I think I'll fall over. I need to figure out how to post the UFO list in my sidebar so I can keep track & mark things off.

Tomorrow pictures - and I'll tell you about my doggies.

I'll keep you posted!

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