Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ode to Calvin & Hobbes

After reading Mochi this morning I was reminded and reunited with my very favorite comic strip & comic artwork EVER, Calvin & Hobbes. His creative genius was reknowned and the fact that he could no longer be boxed into the Sunday paper format is inspring to me. I still have a folder full of my favorite strips from the paper - they were pinned to my walls in HS & college and some days were all that got me through the day.

What is it about that specific time in our lives that seems so magical and so pivotal? I could wax on about discovering ourselves and new found personal freedoms, but I think it was mostly boys and frat parties. Yep - that was it - stale beer in a cup and cover band while dancing in the parks. A time of very little responsibility and lots of organized fun - and someone else was paying all the bills. - Hey let's go back to that - I was good at school and my professors liked me - yeah - let's go back to that.

Ah, alas reality sets in as the children profess their hunger. Oh well. The batteries are chraged and I'll be taking pictures after I make breakfast for the munchkins.

To be continued...

I'll keep you posted!

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