Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Anyone remember Bill the Cat? I am having a truly aaaaccccckkk! day. I am short tempered (moreso than usual - stop laughing) and cranky and just in general scattered. What should be a perfectly enjoyable day - gorgeous outside and all - is well - just an effort.

This week started out on the wrong foot anyway - I'll spare you the details of stomach flu - and although it was fiendish - at least it was fast. I spent 24-hours sick and 24-hours on the couch recovering and am now trying to pull myself together enough to seem human. Meanwhile I'm being a crappy secret pal and am behind on other things too.

So I've decided. I have decided that today will be better.

I will stop yelling at my children - who, no matter how much it seems so, are NOT out to drive me over the edge and are really just being 5 & 3.

I will stop freaking out that the tiny post office nearest my house (nevermind the fact that there are 3 more within 15 minutes) is closed from 12 - 1 for lunch - (hey we don't close for lunch) and that my secret pal and other buddies - along with the coffee company, the book club, and the phone people, won't have their mail soon enough because I didn't get there until 12:34 and I didn't feel like going back after my other errands.

I won't worry if my kids have to drink kool-aid instead of milk for breakfast AGAIN tomorrow because the aforementioned 5 & 3 year old angels were not about to make it on a grocery run - hey wait maybe I can get Casey to do that one on the way home - depends on if I can hold out the extra 15 minutes it will take him.

I will try to stop holding my breath from when said 3 year-old went to the bathroom at the shop and brought 2 4-foot fluorescent lightbulbs crashing to the ground all around him when the toilet seat lid tumbled off the hinges (oops). You just can't get to them fast enough when things like that happen.

And - I won't cry too much when I have to rip out 4 rows of silk because I missed a set of increases that far back and yes - believe me I've tried to fudge it - it matters, and it must be ripped out. I suppose that's what happens when you try to knit while you are still sick and should be in bed.

YES. I have decided that today will be better - today WILL be better or I'm going to hurl something through a window just so I can hear that satisfying crashing sound (not satisfying when your children make it). Too bad knitting doesn't make that sound when you rip it out - wouldn't it be more gratifying?

I think Mommy needs a drink with dinner - maybe I'll have Casey pick up orange juice at the grocery.

Sorry for the gripes - back to knitting tomorrow I promise - hey and pictures too!

I'll keep you posted!



stephanie said...

You need bubble wrap. Not quite as good as a window, but still fun and safer with kids.

margene said...

Take time to sit and breathe...hope today is better!

FaeryCrafty said...

I hope your day gets better. Big hugs to you!