Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trouble in Paradise...

So you know my sewing machine that I was SEW in love with just YESTERDAY?  Yeah, well...  Today it's doing this:


Not good, that's my needle thread looping on the underside of the fabric.

We are NOT friends today, my sewing machine and I.

I've done all the regular troubleshooting things, rethread, change needles, dust out bobbin casing, rethread bobbin, change thread, etc... To no avail.

Great, another trip to the sewing machine store.  No.  Really. GREAT another trip to the sewing machine store!  I need more feet (and I promise I'll buy the feet and not another machine) and some thread, but that must wait until Friday.

I've reorganized my list with all the non-sewing machine items at the top.  Though this may be the perfect opportunity to setup my vintage Singer 15-91 and learn to use it.  Argh, I'm still annoyed.

I'll keep you posted!

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