Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maybe It's Me?

Since I cannot sew on my Pfaff with tension issues I tried my vintage Singer 15-91.


Isn't it pretty?  It was made in 1956.  Please ignore the fact that I sew in my mostly finished garage which still holds 'garagey' things like tool boxes, ladders, and furnaces.

Besides having trouble with the bobbin winder, which I knew would be troublesome due to newly manufactured bobbins and metal gauge differences, etc...  It also have tension issues.  ARRGGHHH!

This is a machine that must be tinkered with for tension adjustments.  This I know - no automatic tensioner in 1956 - Got it.  But even after tinkering, I cannot get things balanced.  Alas, this machine will also go to the repair shop (a different repair shop) which is a bummer because it's about 175 pounds (ok maybe 40) of cast iron.

Two machines in as many days - maybe it IS me?

Casey says I should try pouring some alcohol into the machines as that always works on me when I have tension issues.

I'll keep you posted!


1 comment:

anunmaker said...

Ok, that made me laugh, not the tension problems, that sucks. But the cure? Too funny!