Monday, October 04, 2010

Books! Books! Everywhere Books...

We LOVE books


Can't get enough of them.  Have no more room for them.  Must read faster!

September Reading:

A Family of Poems
A Child's Introduction to Poetry (the kids are memorizing the Witch's Soliloquy from MacBeth for Halloween)
Classic Poems
Babe Ruth Ballet School (in honor of their first Braves Games with Uncle Michael)
The Wizard of Oz
Swiss Family Robinson ( we listen in the car - when I remember)


Katie & The Mona Lisa
Katie Meets the Impressionists
Katie's Sunday Afternoon
American Girl Rebecca Rubin Series (she stalled mid-book on #4 but she'll pick it back up when she's ready)
Magic Tree House #16, 17, & 18 (soon to be 19, 20, 21... she's loving these and devouring them daily)
Rosie O'Donnell's Crafty U (remember that glitter post earlier???)


The Kid's Guide to Digital Photography
Bakugan series books
Beast Quest series books (note to self - buy next two books)
Where the Wild Things Are
Anything Star Wars he can get his hands on

The Unschooling Handbook
Quivering Daughters
A Thomas Jefferson Education (3 books that I'm still studying)

I'm also listening to lots of podcasts and a new CD (do you still call it that when it's downloaded?).  Mumford & Sons  I LOVE it!  Casey HATES it!  Andrea and Angela you'll love it too (all but maybe two songs) - go NOW to Itunes and listen.

And if you already knew about Mumford and Sons - why didn't you tell ME???  I'm completely clueless when it comes to any music written in the past 20 or so years (yes ok I'm square - this I know).

I'll keep you posted!



Angela said...

Oh! I do like! I'm the same way about music. Thank goodness for Pandora or I'd never hear anything new. Good books, too!

Grumpy said...

copying and pasting furiously.... looking for poetry suggestions! :) Like that they are memorizing the Witches.