Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WFMW: Go Stuff This In Your Pants

Problem: Plastic shopping bags - we all want to save and re-use them, but they seem to multiply in the pantry.

Typical Solution: One of those cute hang-y things to store them in (nope - don't have one and won't ever get around to making one).
One of those mount-it-on-the-door-so-it's-always-in-your-way plastic contraptions (nope don't have one of those either).

My WFM Solution?
pants pic

Toddler Pants!

Years ago I pulled the pants out of give-away precisely for the purpose of rounding up all those pesky plastic bags - it works and it was a good re-use. On grocery day it's the kids' job to "Go Stuff This In Your Pants." The children also like to hear me tell them about the pants and how they were first Anna's and then Toby's, etc. I didn't really expect that part - I thought I was just being cheap and clever (ok and a little lazy). And hey - now it's "Green" and that's hip right (yeah right).

It might be weird, but then so am I.

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I'll keep you posted!



Heart of Wisdom said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I saw the pic and thought.....oh my goodness, If my sweat pants were on the door knob full of sacks, the door knob would pull clean out of the door, if the door held it up that is......

Then I saw that it was toddler

oh my, I am all laughed out now.

Thanks for the tip and the giggle.

Kelsey said...

How cleaver!!

Audra Marie said...

Oh what a fun idea! I'm going to implement this one. Thanks. :)

Jen said...

What a great solution and cute, too! I love findng unusual ways to use everyday objects that #1, work, and #2, save money! Way to go!

Thanks for stopping by my little home on the interweb. I love comments and appreciate yours! Hope you can visit often!