Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Story Time

While wanting to read more, this week lacked in that department. We read a Veggie Tales Book, but other than that - zip!

The kids were (generously delivered and retrieved by Grampy) in VBS this week so I had 3 blissful hours of P & Q each day this; as a homeschooling SAHM p & q is HARD to come by. I reveled in it. I went to the grocery by myself and I listened to my own music on the way (still can't figure out why the kids don't dig Led Zeppelin). I did get by the library to pick up Summer Reading Folders - so we're all ready to read - we just didn't this week.

I am listening to The Kite Runner from Audible and am through part 1. For anyone who has read the book you know - it's really really good, but hard; I struggle getting through it; I will - eventually.

I read The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. I'm glad Amanda enjoyed the experience of the writing process. The information wasn't anything I didn't already know and I wish I had borrowed it instead of bought it, but I AM glad to support a fellow blogger. Here is a flickr pool full of projects that readers have made if you want to see more.

I found NPR podcasts and have been cracking up to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and "Car Talk" every chance I get. I haven't caught up on "Stash and Burn" for this week, but as soon as the kids are in bed...

Next week: lots of kids books - at least that's the goal.

I'll keep you posted!


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Grumpy said...

Kay what is the Summer Reading Folders?

I'm clueless....