Friday, January 06, 2006

Outlook for 2006

I've been going through books and magazines and making lists (for my cute little S & B design journal) of the projects I really like. I've thus concretely determined what I already knew to be true - too many projects, too little time. That's ok - at least there is a plethora of inspiration to draw upon.

I think this year's gift knitting begins now. I'll knit things (from the stash of course) and put them in the Gift drawer - then come holidays I'll be ready right? OK - pick yourself up off the floor from laughing so hard and share in my delusion for a bit - let's call it willful suspension of disbelief. I mean come on - we'va all watched an episode of Star Trek and enjoyed it for the hour - let me enjoy this for a moment anyway. It's good to dream big right?

Oh well - all this is just a diversion from the cleaning, washing, etc. I should be doing. Hey it's working for me so far!

I've completed 2 scarves (almost 3) - they are for the shop - I don't normally make scarves for any other reason - a pair of fingerless mitts, and a cute child's vest that had been in the frog pond for a WHILE (finally ripped it and started over - it only took two days to finish the whole thing) and today is only the 6th. Hey, at least I'm having fun in my delusion right!

I'll keep you posted!

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stephanie said...

You know, there are places they take people with delusions like those.... and they won't let you have the pointy sticks.