Monday, October 17, 2005

More More More!

I've been making progress - Yippee! Toby's birthday socks are underway and will be completed on time (good thing he has little feet) Michael's socks are down to the toe on one and almost ready to cast on #2 - I AM going to need more yarn - like 20 yards (aggravating). I have two bags to felt today or tomorrow and hopefully one more by the end of the week.

I'm going to try and use up stash yarn as much as possible. I know I know we've all said that before right? Well I have enough yarn to make several sweaters for the children that will fit thiss year and next, but not after that so... I'm getting to work on it. I still have about 10 Christmas gifts to knit and am working those into the list (good thing most a quick & simple) There are only 69 more knitting days until Christmas!

I love this time of year - it's getting cool and is crisp in the morning and evening, but still nice during the day - actually it's been a little too hot during the days lately near 80. Sometimes I think fall will NEVER get here.

Well I'm off to work on those socks and find some more yarn - I need something to show for socktoberfest right?

I'll keep you posted!

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stephanie said...

20 yards, huh? Just do the toes and heels in a different color.